About BNC

Brief History

Set up in 1993

Bhagini Nivedita College (BNC) is a constituent college of University of Delhi. It was established in August, 1993 as a girls college; in the rural and semi-urban outskirts of South West Delhi. It is now funded by the Government of Delhi.

Named after Sister Nivedita

The college is named after Sister Nivedita, a disciple of Swami Vivekanand who dedicated her whole life for the education and welfare of women. Its campus is located adjacent to village Kair near to Najafgarh in a clean and green environment surrounded by farms and trees.

Courses offered initially

Starting with only B A (Pass), B A (Hons.) Hindi in 1993, BNC has progressively added more courses. B.Com (Pass) was introduced in 1996-97. BNC was the first Delhi University college to offer Apparel Design and Construction course in 1997.

Addition of new courses

B.A. Programme replaced the B A (Pass) course in 2004. A variety of new application courses were also instituted along with it. BNC became an arts, commerce and science college with the launching of B.Sc Physical Sciences course in 2007.

Introduction of semester system

The semester system was introduced for all the courses in 2010. Every course is taught six semesters and each semester offers the opportunity for the students to complete different papers that are required for the completion of the entire course. The annual mode was completely phased out in 2013.

Introduction of Honours courses under FYUP

The college adopted the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) from the academic year 2013-14 and offered the following Discipline I Courses

  1. Commerce
  2. Hindi
  3. History
  4. Home Science
  5. Physics 
  6. Political Science

Rollback of FYUP

FYUP was rolled back by the University in 2014-15 as per UGC directions. As a result the Honours courses offered under FYUP were phased out in 2015-16

Current Status

The college now offers the following undergraduate programmes

  1. B.A Honours (Hindi)
  2. B.A Honours (History)
  3. B.A Honours (Political Science)
  4. B.Sc Honours (Home Science)
  5. B.Sc Honours (Physics)
  6. B.A Programme
  7. B.Com Programme
  8. B.Sc. Physical Science with Chemistry
  9. B.Sc. Physical Science with Computer Science

New admissions are steadily increasing.

BNC has a total teaching faculty of around 76 members. The total number of Non-Teaching Staff working in the college is around 40

Since its inception, BNC has built up an impressive reputation and record in both academics and sports. The teaching faculty consists of highly qualified academicians. It has excellent laboratories, infrastructure facilities and supporting staff.